It isn’t uncommon for property owners in the area to seek ways to improve the quality of their property, leading many folks to pursue Menlo Park sink installation projects. If you’re looking to get the most from your Menlo Park sink installation, be sure to review these 5 simple tips from our home improvement plumbing experts, as they’ll help guide you through the process in your quest for the perfect sink installation.

DIY is usually not a good option
Some folks attempt to perform a sink installation themselves, but most property owners realize the project is simply too complicated to take on and requires specialized plumbing skills that most people don’t have.

Sink installations can be messy if any of the plumbing isn’t hooked up correctly, and can also suffer setbacks due to inexperience in planning, such as choosing the wrong type of materials or shape of sink.

In general, it’s best to work with a professional home improvement plumbing team that has a professional license and is fully insured for your protection, like our team at Performance Plumbing.

Plan around utility
The most important aspect to consider when starting your home improvement plumbing installation project is how the sink will be used.

For example, if it’s a kitchen sink you’ll want to have a sink that is durable and work-ready, and also friendly for dishware. It should be ready to handle all the colors and levels of grease that dirty dishes will throw at it. If it’s a bathroom sink, you’ll likely want to aim to elegance and comfort. If it’s an outdoor utility sink, it needs to be as rugged as possible and large enough for all kinds of work.

Don’t just plan for how you yourself plan to use the sink, but think of all of the people who are actively using the property concurrently. Different people may have different needs to expectations, and not everyone will have the same preferences. Consulting several people and gather opinions might seem like more effort and complication, but actually it will help you gather a consensus and find a solution that is a best fit given the full range of people and needs. Not only will this help best satisfy the entirety of people using the property, it can also help you make more universal decisions that will be more marketable if you sell or rent out the property in the future.

Find the perfect fit with sizing
Similar to the above examples, finding the right fit makes a big difference. Avoid a sink that can technically fit in the space you’re working with if it really maxes out the space in a way that makes it difficult to enjoy the surrounding environment or comfortably interact with the sink.

These days, sinks are ranging in all kinds of sizes, with small hand sinks becoming a popular choice for many homeowners wanting to maximize the space they have to work with. Sometimes smaller is better, so be sure to not only consider the size of the sink but also consider how that sink size will affect how much remaining space there is in the room.

Pick a style that will endure
Don’t give in to the common temptation to pick a very bold or unique style of sink if it’s unlikely to endure in the future. Remember, updates to your property may be there for many years, or even decades, so picking a style that can stay relevant and acceptable over time can help reduce the need to constantly renovate and can facilitate any efforts to rent or sell the property later.

Don’t delay
A sink installation is a great way to improve your property, and the longer you wait, the less you’ll get to enjoy the enhancements to your property. If you’re ready to get started or just want to talk things over, give us a call or send us an email and our friendly staff will be glad to assist.