Before you get too far into your project, it’s important to make sure you know a few basics to ensure your Belmont shower installation is a success. As one of the top teams around for Belmont shower installation, our professionals have put together these quick tips to help you get up to speed quickly.

Tip 1: Do preliminary research online

Getting started with the research phase of your project is extremely these days, as internet resources are plentiful.

Start with visually based social media websites like Pinterest and Instagram, where you’ll be able to quickly scroll through endless examples for inspiration and hashtags for recent trends.

Take things to the next level by reading up on home improvement blogs and discussion groups, where you can also ask questions of the community and get input. However, be wary of the answers you get as some people are not very experienced or may not be well trained but still offer amateur advice.

Tip 2: Consider your specific parameters

When it comes to shower installations, where you’re installing the shower matters as much as the shower you’re installing.

What we mean by this is the bathroom you’re installing the shower in most likely has particular dimensions and other furnishings and fixtures already installed. Few people start with a completely blank slate and build their bathroom around the shower they want.

Therefore, it’s important to take a look at the examples you compiled in the research phase and consider which examples are actually feasible for the space you’re installing the shower into. Beyond size and shape, also consider whether the styling matches or compliments the rest of your interior design and what materials work best for you.

But above all, we recommend valuing function as the highest priority, especially if you’re going to use the shower on a daily basis.

Tip 3: Consult with a quality pro

Once you have examples of what you want and what will likely fit with your existing surroundings, it’s important to find a quality professional to start having a conversation with.

We strongly recommend looking for a fully insured, licensed professional focused specifically on plumbing like our team at Performance Plumbing. Additionally, the plumber should have experience with home improvement plumbing projects and shower installations specifically, and should be able to show you examples of past work.

At Performance Plumbing, we’re also proud to have some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings around, so we think you should settle for nothing less.

Tip 4: Stay away from DIY and shady freelancers

Along similar lines, you should try as much as possible to stay away from shady freelancers and usually should also avoid doing the installation yourself.

For most people, DIY is not a viable option because it takes to long to learn and correct mistakes that it’s not cost effective to attempt the shower installation yourself. In addition, if you make mistakes with plumbing, the effects can be quite costly, particularly if your insurance does not cover mistakes you make during such activities.

When it comes to finding help, avoid freelancers on Craigslist who may be uninsured, inexperienced and unreliable. Your property is not something you want to put into the hands of someone who doesn’t have an extremely solid background.

Tip 5: Be sure to ask for a free quote

You should expect a free, non-obligation quote before any work agreements are made. At Performance Plumbing we always provide a free quote up front, so give us a call or send us an email and we’ll help you get on your way to the best shower installation experience possible!