We find that many of our customers feel comfortable when it comes to finding a basic plumber to handle small jobs and fixes, but are not sure exactly how to go about finding a dependable San Francisco home improvement plumber. We’ve put together these 5 tips for finding the best San Francisco home improvement plumber to help make the process more transparent, because the stakes are much higher when it comes to pursuing a home improvement project.

Tip 1: Find a Plumber Who has Completed Similar Projects in the Past
It’s not enough to choose a plumber who has done small jobs here and there in the past. Make sure you find a plumber who has done substantial home improvement projects in the past, because that’s more relevant to your specific needs. In addition, don’t be afraid to get specific by looking for a plumber who has done home improvement projects in specific areas that you’re pursuing. For example, if you’re looking to install a sauna, look for someone who has installed big items like saunas in the past. If you’re looking to overhaul your bathroom with a new toilet installation and new fixtures for your showers and sinks, make sure you pick a plumber who has done a lot of work with remodeling bathrooms. The bottom line is choose someone who has experience in home improvement projects, and better yet experience similar to what you need.

Tip 2: Make Sure the Plumber is Fully Licensed in Plumbing
Handymen can be useful in some cases, but when it comes to complex home improvements projects, we strongly recommend choosing a fully licensed plumbing expert like Performance Plumbing. A licensed plumber has demonstrated a specific dedication to the craft of plumbing and has demonstrated the knowledge necessary to perform your installations the correct way. For example, a handyman might not install a water heater to current code, which could lead to gas or electrical dangers later. Don’t choose a freelancer whose work you may need to tear apart and rebuild from scratch — pick a fully licensed plumber to get it done right the first way.

Tip 3: Pick a Plumber with a Strong Track Record Online
Strong Yelp reviews indicate the plumber is dedicated to making sure customers are happy, and are more likely to make sure your needs are met. Too many negative reviews may indicate that a plumber doesn’t perform high-quality work that meets customer needs. Choose a plumber with a strong online reputation like Performance Plumbing, and if you have enough time to do research, read the customer comments to see if there are reviews about work specifically related to what you need done.

Tip 4: Make Sure the Plumber Answers All Your Questions Up Front
Home improvement projects can be complex and detailed, which often leads customers to have a lot of questions. At Performance Plumbing, we’re always happy to take the time to make sure all of our customers’ questions are answered before we start a job, because we believe in full transparency. Choose a plumber who will take the time to explain the process to you, rather than those that are unable to demonstrate their professional knowledge.

Tip 5: Choose a Plumber Who can Provide an Estimate Before Work Begins
Along similar lines, transparency should also extend to providing a monetary estimate for your home improvement plumbing project. Choose a plumber who is willing to provide an estimate before work begins, so you know exactly what you’re getting into before you agree to anything. In addition, if you have budgetary requirements, be sure to mention them and see if the plumber can work within your financial needs.