If you’re looking to do major upgrades or repairs to your home, it’s crucially important that you choose the right San Mateo home improvement plumber for the job. Our expert staff has created these 5 tips for finding the right San Mateo home improvement plumber because we want to make sure you get pointed in the right direction.

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Use Online Reviews in Your Research
A good starting place whenever researching professional services is consumer review websites like Yelp, and plumbing is no exception. You can either start at a website like Yelp, or simply use it to verify plumbers you’ve already picked out. Regardless of at what point in the process you use this resource, it’s extremely important to check websites like Yelp to see if the plumber you’re considering has positive or negative reviews.

A strong plumber like Performance Plumbing will have strong reviews and ratings that reflect a dedication to delivering superior plumbing services, whereas a weak plumber may have lesser ratings due to lower service to customers. Be sure to consider how many ratings there are — if there are only a few ratings, it may not be a large enough set of data to know for sure. Make sure there are at least a good set of reviews, upwards of at least 25.

Apps Might Not be a Good Choice
Home improvement apps do exist, but not a lot of people use them because they haven’t really proven much value yet. It’s far easier to just open a web browser on your phone or computer and find a plumber on Yelp than to download and install an app and open it up when you need service. Another downside to apps is that because far less people use them, many of the best plumbers also don’t bother listing themselves on these apps because there aren’t enough customers. When it comes to apps, it’s probably better to wait for them to improve before considering them seriously.

Make Sure the Home Improvement Plumber is Licensed
If you’re undertaking a home improvement plumbing project, the last thing you want to do is hire someone who isn’t professionally qualified and who could produce unprofessional work. Hire a plumber who has their professional plumbing license clearly presented on their website, like Performance Plumbing.

Choose a Plumber with Significant Experience
Experience matters with plumbing, and even more so with home improvement plumbing. A novice plumber may not know how to perform advanced work that may be required in a significant home improvement plumbing project. Choose a plumbing team with several years of experience. At Performance Plumbing, all of our plumbers have years of experience, so we suggest you don’t settle for anything less.

Make Sure the Experience is Related to Your Specific Needs
While experience matters, the category of experience is equally important. A plumber who has done 20 years of basic repairs may have zero experience doing home improvement projects, let alone the specific type of project you’re pursuing. Be sure to ask in advance if the plumber has done projects similar to yours in the past.

We’re Here for You
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