When it comes to all of the countless home improvement plumbing projects our team has seen over the years, preparation before starting a project always seems to yield better results, and Pacifica toilet installation projects are no exception. If you’re planning your Pacifica toilet installation project, our plumbing experts believe there are five things every homeowner should know before getting too deep into the project. We’ve provided a quick summary below.

1: Have a vision of what you’re trying to achieve
At the onset of your toilet installation project, it’s often best to have a vision for what outcome you’re trying to achieve, beyond just installing any toilet.

Usually this means developing a basic understanding of the various toilet products on the market and studying examples of successful toilet installation projects.

A great way to do this is by going into showrooms and browsing products to get a sense of their size, shape, materials, and overall designs. However, for most people, the quickest and most efficient method may be to go online and check out toilet products virtually, as well as browse social media websites for photo galleries of toilet installations.

By checking out what’s available on the market and seeing how other people have successfully tackled their toilet installation projects, you can get a better sense of what you want to toilet to look like, what size of toilet you want, the materials used to make the toilet, and so forth.

Remember that if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed or want a professional second opinion, you’re always more than welcome to reach out to our friendly staff for our input.

2: Make sure your vision fits reality
With any home improvement project, there is the ideal vision for the project and then sometimes there are constraints that must be worked within while actually executing the project.

For example, the size of the bathroom that you’re installing the toilet into can influence your decision around which toilet products to buy. You may initially really like a particular toilet, but if it’s too large for the space that you want to install the toilet into, it can cause serious problems for the people trying to use the toilet.

It’s important to check the reality of the space your working with, your budget, and other considerations to accurately understand which toilet options are most suitable for your particular case. Keep in mind that our team is always happy to help work through these considerations if you need professional help.

3: Choose products that fit the right people
When it comes to deciding whether or not a toilet installation was successful, the most important criteria above all else is whether or not the people using the toilet truly got what they needed from the toilet and whether or not they were satisfied with the experience of interacting with the toilet.

It’s best not to sacrifice utility for aesthetics when it comes to toilets, so be sure to consider who will be using the toilet. If you know who will most regularly use a toilet, you can tailor your choices to their size, body type and preferences. If the toilet may be used by a wide range of people, you’ll probably want to aim for the best average fit.

4: Talk your plan over with a plumbing expert
No matter what plans you end up formulating, we highly recommend talking over your plans with a reliable home improvement plumbing team like ours at Performance Plumbing. The average person doesn’t usually obsess over the details of toilets on a regular basis, but it happens to be our proud profession that we perform on a daily basis.

In almost every case, we’re able to provide customers with insights and help that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to, so we’re sure we can be of help to you.

5: Ask for a free estimate of costs
Before getting your project underway, keep in mind that our team is always happy to provide a free estimate up front before any work agreements are made. Therefore, we always recommend checking with our team before finalizing your plans to get a no-obligation quote.

If you’re ready to get started or if you just want to talk things over, give us a call or send us an email and our team will be happy to help you out right away!