When local homeowners ask us how they can improve their home with planned home improvement plumbing projects, oftentimes one of the best responses is a well-planned Los Gatos shower installation project. For anyone considering a Los Gatos shower installation project, there are a few important best practices you should know before getting started.

To help you get off to a strong start, we’ve put together these easy-to-follow steps so you can ensure you get a shower installation you’ll be happy with.

Step 1: Identify who will be using the shower and build your concept accordingly
The most important goal of any shower project should be to provide a good experience for the people who will use the shower.

If you’re planning to rent or sell your home near-term, you may not know exactly who will be using the shower, but the design you choose can make a big difference if you know who will be using the shower long-term.

For example, larger people may need more space to navigate, people who enjoy baths may want a bathtub, and older folks may need extra stability for personal safety.

If you’re not sure who will be using the shower, pick the most universally acceptable design possible to keep most people happy.

Step 2: Check out products on the market
Next, be sure to check out examples of shower products that are available in the general market.

To do this, you can go to a home improvement store or a showroom to get a better sense of what the various shower products are like to interact with in person. If you can’t go in person, check out websites online to try to better understand the materials and designs available and think about which you would prefer to use for your project.

Step 3: Research examples of shower installations
These days, it’s easier than ever to check out examples of shower installations that you like. It’s important to know what you like before you start your shower installation so you can get a sense of what you like and what you’d like to achieve as the end result of your project.

Take a moment to hop on visually-driven social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, where you can quickly check out the latest trends and examples of successful shower installations posted by other homeowners and home improvement experts.

Step 4: Work with a trustworthy home improvement plumbing expert
One of the most important steps in your shower installation will be choosing the right home improvement plumber to work with.

First, we highly recommend covering the basics by only working with a fully licensed and insured plumber like our team at Performance Plumbing. Unlicensed, uninsured workers may not be professional enough for your standards, and may not take the craft of home improvement plumbing as seriously as teams like ours. When it comes time to put your property in the hands of someone else, it’s important to have quality standards to aim for.

Next, we strongly recommend choosing an experienced plumber with a strong customer satisfaction record. To check this, it’s important to ask the plumber to make sure they’ve done projects like yours in the past, and do your homework by checking review websites like Yelp. At Performance Plumbing, we have one of the strongest track records around and we’ve done countless shower installation projects in the past, so we believe you shouldn’t accept anything less when it comes to choosing a plumber.

Step 5: Request a free quote before a work agreement is made
Finally, it’s usually a good idea to ask for a free quote up front before any work agreement is made. Our team of friendly plumbers is always happy to provide a free estimate with details about costs and labor, so feel free to give us a call or send us an email to get started whenever you’re ready.