Sinks come in all sizes and varieties, so it can feel a little overwhelming up front while planning your Saratoga sink installation project. To make things easier for you in your Saratoga sink installation project, our team of experts has put together these 5 keys to success that have practical applications for any sink installation project.

First Key to Success: Find a high quality expert to partner with
For the average homeowner, attempting to conduct a sink installation by oneself is no easy task, and can lead to setbacks and a lot of time spent trying to correct mistakes and learn the process. It’s usually best to instead partner with a professional home improvement plumbing expert, but it’s equally important to make sure you choose the right plumber to work with.

While a lot of people can say they can help you with your sink installation project, not all of them will produce the same quality of work. For example, we’ve seen a lot of folks work with unlicensed contractors or uninsured freelance workers who are inexperienced and have no professional credentials to back up their work. The results can be awkward and costly.

Instead, we suggest making sure you pick a professional team that is dedicated to plumbing specifically, has both a professional license and insurance for your protection, and has extensive experience with a strong customer approval rating. At Performance Plumbing, we take great measures to ensure we have all of these provisions in place so that homeowners like you can rest assured knowing that we won’t just take care of your property, we’ll make it even better.

Second Key to Success: Remember that your sink has a purpose to fulfill
When installing a new sink, it’s usually best to start with the purpose that the sink needs to fulfill. Consider both the people using the sink, and what tasks they’ll need to perform with the sink.

For example, sinks come in a variety of configurations based on the function that they need to perform. Rugged, durable materials are used for utility sinks in laundry rooms, garages, or other work areas, for example. On the other hand, more elegant designs and materials are suited for bathrooms. Kitchen sinks, used for cooking and washing, are usually somewhere in between, but ultimately need to prioritize functionality over elaborate aesthetics.

Take a moment to consider what purpose your sink will have, and make sure you plan to choose a sink that fits the needs of the people using it first and foremost.

Third Key to Success: Establish a sense of what you like
Before rushing into any decisions, it’s best to establish a sense of what types of sinks you like.

After you’ve identified the purpose the sink needs to be able to fulfill, spend a few moments researching examples of similar sink installations that look like they might appeal to you while also satisfying your needs.

A great way to do this these days is with social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, as well as blogs and websites. Our team is also always happy to provide photos and examples of sink installations we’ve done in the past that our customers have been happy with. We can also help you save time by refining examples based on your needs.

Fourth Key to Success: Think practically about your constraints
Having established a sense of what type of sinks might fit your needs, it’s important to also consider the constraints you’ll need to work within.

For example, the size of the area where you’re installing the sink into can have a major impact on which sinks are suitable to install for your specific space.

At the same time, other constraints may exist such as budget limits, level of urgency to complete the project faster, or other considerations.

If you need help choosing the best fit based on the parameters of your particular constraints, our team is always happy to help hear your needs and provide you with our professional advice.

Fifth Key to Success: Request a free estimate before starting your project
Once you’re ready to get started with your project, give us a call or send us an email to get a free estimate of the costs involved before you decide to move forward with any agreements. Our team is always happy to provide a free estimate or answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to reach out at any time for help!