If there’s one part of your property that you don’t want to botch the plumbing on, it’s probably when starting a San Francisco toilet installation. To make sure your San Francisco toilet installation goes off without a hitch, our team of plumbing experts has come up with these 4 best practices to help you avoid disaster.

Remember, your toilet is an integral part of your daily life and others around you – we won’t go into too much details, but if you have any questions or need any help as you read on, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send a quick email and our friendly staff will help you out right away.

1. Hire the Right Professional Plumber

While most people immediately realize that it’s necessary to have a professional plumber perform a toilet installation in almost all cases, there are occasionally a few folks who at least ponder if they can do the installation themselves.

In theory, one could possibly do a lot of research and practice and then attempt to do such an installation, but it seems that the success rate would be very low. In fact, we probably haven’t ever heard of a customer successfully performing their own toilet installation in all our combined years of plumbing experience.

Be sure to pick an experienced plumbing team like ours at Performance Plumbing, who also has strong Yelp reviews to back up the work.

2. A Little Research Goes a Long Way

Before you get too far into your project, hop on some websites like Pinterest or Google for inspiration. Browse various styles and figure out which materials, styles and features you like.

By collecting a set of options and ranking them by the ones you like the most to least, you’ll be able to clearly and visually demonstrate what you want to the plumber you eventually decide to work with.

Having these visuals is helpful not only for avoiding miscommunication with the plumber doing the work, but it’s also helpful for yourself to conceptualize how the toilet installation will look and function. Many customers tell us they’re really glad we suggest this, otherwise they might be unhappy with the final product if they hadn’t visualized it carefully enough at the beginning.

3. Focus on Function First, Style Second

For many folks, it’s easy to get distracted by only thinking about style. Don’t get us wrong, style is absolutely important, but when it comes to toilets, function should be at the forefront of your mind. After all, you and whoever else interacts with the toilet are going to be spending some very private one-on-one time with the toilet, so it better be comfortable and functional.

For example, make sure the size of the seat is suitable for you and the others who will be most frequently using the toilet. Also consider the shape carefully – many people choose the wrong shape, like a small circular shape only to later realize they really need the oval shape. Think about it carefully and you’ll figure out what your personal needs are.

4. Get a Free Quote

We always give our customers a free quote of front that details all the labor and materials costs up front, so we suggest you also ask for a free quote no matter who you choose to work with. Remember, we always provide transparent pricing before any work begins, so if you don’t want to deal with the nightmare of plumbers who won’t give a straight answer and stick to it, you may want to simply give us a call or send us an email to get a quote from us today.