Expert Tips for Hillsborough Sink Installation Projects

For any local homeowner who wants to improve the quality and comfort of their home, one common home improvement strategy to pursue is a high-quality Hillsborough sink installation project. As one of the leading choices in Hillsborough sink installation teams, or home improvement plumbing experts have put together this quick set of expert tips to help you understand how to make the process work in your favor.

Start by examining the space for the sink installation

The last thing you want to do during a sink installation project is to choose a sink product that won’t comfortably fit the space that you want to install the sink into.

Start off your project by first scoping out the area that you have to install the sink into. Don’t look at only the space available, but also consider that people who use the sink may need to use the surrounding space to place items like soap or functional belonging like sponges, toothbrushes, scrubs, and other items.

Also be sure to note not only the length and width of the area, but also the depth or height. It’s important to make sure there’s enough space for the sink basin below the counter, and for the pipes below the basin.

Consider how the sink will be used

As alluded to above, sinks have a functional aspect to them for the people who will be using the sink. For example, some sinks will be needed for cooking, and others for personal hygiene. Some sinks may be located outdoors for utility purposes, such as washing tools.

Take a moment to think about the objective that the sink will have and what functions it may need to perform. This will play a big role in determining what type of sink product you choose to install for your project.

Look for examples of what you like

Once you know what space you’re working with and what type of function the sink will perform, it’s useful to spend some time looking through examples of possible sink installations. These days, it can actually be very fast and convenient to do so.

Start by checking out online platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, which are loaded with visual examples of beautiful, functional sink installations. You can also check out websites that specialize in discussing home improvement installations.

At the outset, you can be broad in your selections, but try to narrow down your list as you go to only what you like most and what fits your needs the best.

Consult with an expert

If you’re ready to get started or just need a little more advice, get in touch with an expert team of home improvement plumbers like our fully licensed, fully insured team at Performance Plumbing.

Sink installation projects may look straightforward at first glance, but it’s really important to know what you’re doing to avoid costly delays and setbacks. Working with our team can help you ensure the job gets done right and gets done quickly and efficiently.

Get in touch with our team by email or by phone and our friendly team of plumbing experts will gladly help you get your sink installation off to the right start


Tips for When You Need Orinda Plumbing Repairs

It’s easy to feel stressed out when you’re facing unexpected plumbing issues, but it’s important to remain calm and use the right strategy to effective address your need for Orinda plumbing repairs. As one of the leading teams for Orinda plumbing repairs, we’re prepared this quick set of tips to navigate you through the process, whether you’re facing a plumbing emergency or have more complex plumbing repair needs.

Call us immediately if it’s a plumbing emergency

Above all else, if you’re facing a plumbing emergency where damage is likely to continue to accrue if the issue is not addressed, call us immediately for our 24/7 emergency plumbing services. If you think there could be an emergency that puts the safety of people at risk, call emergency responders immediately and worry about the plumbing second as a lower priority.

With our 24/7 emergency plumbing services, you can rest assured that a fully licensed, insured plumber will be dispatched to your location immediately to investigate and repair the plumbing problem at hand.

If water is flowing uncontrollably, use shutoff valves

If you’re waiting for a plumber to arrive, you may want to use shutoff valves to try to stop the flow of water in affected areas. If the problem is in a specific area, such as under a sink, look for a shutoff valve for that specific location connected to pipes. There should be a valve that looks like a knob, and it is commonly oval or circular in shape. Turn the valve clockwise to shut off the water to that location.

If you’re unable to find a valve for the specific area that is affected, or if multiple areas are affected, you may want to use the main shutoff valve for the entire property. If you know where the main water shutoff valve is, go to it and turn it clockwise to disable water flow to the entire property. If you do not know where it is, check utility closets on the property, check along the wall outside of the property, and check any basement if one exists.

Use rags, buckets and fans to start the clean-up process

If water has spilled in a way that could cause damage, you may also want to try to contain the damage as you wait for help to arrive. You can use buckets to capture water, rags to soak up water, and then move the water into a place where it won’t cause damage, such as outdoors in a dry area with no drainage problems.

If the issue is indoors, use fans and open windows to help evaporate water. You can use heaters if you think it will help, but be careful to keep electrical cords away from water to avoid safety problems with electrocution risks.

If you have more advanced plumbing repair needs, talk to an expert

If you’re facing a more complicated repair project, it’s important that you work with a well-qualified plumbing repair expert like our team at Performance Plumbing. Choosing a handyman or an unlicensed freelancer is usually not as safe of a choice compared to working with our fully licensed and insured professionals.

When your plumbing issue is more complicated than a leaky pipe, it’s important to also talk through the problem with the plumber to make sure they know how to fix the issue and to ensure they’ve done similar repair jobs in the past, to ensure you won’t be wasting your time.

Finally, it’s helpful to request a free estimate of costs before any work begins. At Performance Plumbing, we’re always happy to provide a free quote up front, so get in touch with us via email or phone to get started with your plumbing repairs.


How a Solid San Bruno Shower Installation Can Improve Your Home

When it comes to home improvement projects that can make your home better all around, performing a high-quality San Bruno shower installation project can make a huge difference. For anyone aiming to upgrade their home with a new San Bruno shower installation, it’s important to understand how to plan for the project ahead of time to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

To help you make sure your San Bruno shower installation project is a success, our team of professional plumbers has created this guide to point you in the right direction.

Browse through examples to find options that you like

First, it’s good to get a sense of what you’re looking for by better understanding what you like. We find that many people have some idea of what they want with a shower installation, but most people aren’t up to date on all of the shower installation options available on the market these days.

Take a moment to hop online and do some research. Instagram and Pinterest are great places to find visual aids of successful shower installation projects, and you can also look through home improvement blogs and other similar websites.

Start out by looking broadly, but after time you should adjust your list to a smaller set based on what you like the most.

Research products to better understand your options

After you’ve got a set of visual examples of what you like, it’s a good idea to check out the products on the market. You can do this by visiting websites of suppliers and distributors of home improvement products, and some even focus on showers specifically.

That said, it’s almost always best to go look at products in person whenever possible. Many large home improvement stores have display areas, and smaller boutique shops may also have showrooms where you can see examples. Seeing the products in person can help you get a better sense of the feel and performance of the shower for the person who will be actively using it.

Consider what is compatible with the location that the shower will be installed into

With your list of examples in hand and a better understanding of the costs and materials of the products available to you, it’s important to next consider what would be practical and feasible to install into the space that you’re working with.

Not all shower designs fit all bathroom spaces, and not all fit comfortably. It’s important to pick a design that not only fits the space and layout of the bathroom, but also leaves enough space for people to use the rest of the bathroom comfortably. For example, avoid installing showers that have swinging doors into spaces where the door will be obstructed by walls, doors, cabinets, toilets, and other fixtures.

Get in touch with a professional

Whether you’re ready to get started with your shower installation, or just want to get a few more questions answered, we highly recommend getting in contact with a shower installation expert like our team at Performance Plumbing. Our team is fully familiar with the full range of shower installation products and possibilities, and we can make strong recommendations based on your needs, your budget, and the bathroom you’re working with.

To get started, give us a call or send us an email and our friendly team of plumbing experts will be happy to help you out.


How to Boost Your Home with Your Piedmont Toilet Installation Project

Homeowners in the area truly care about both the comfort and value of their homes, which is why it’s so important to make sure your Piedmont toilet installation is planned and executed correctly. Since our team is one of the top choices for Piedmont toilet installation around, we’ve created this quick guide to help you understand how you can best improve your home with your toilet installation project.

Start by thinking about who will be using the toilet

Above all else, it’s important to start by thinking about who will be using the toilet and how they will interact with it.

For example, larger people may need a larger seat to feel comfortable, whereas smaller people may prefer a smaller seat to feel comfortable while using the toilet.

A lot of this comes down to the location of the toilet and how many people live in the home. For example, in a common area or living room, a toilet that is an average fit is probably best if you have multiple people living at the home or regularly expect guests. If you have a master bedroom where the user of the toilet will be mostly the same person, you can tailor the toilet selection process to better meet their specific needs.

If you’re planning to rent or sell the home, be sure to aim for a more average selection to appeal to as many people as possible.

Examine the place the toilet will be installed into

Before you go any further, the next area to consider is where the toilet will be installed into. You’ll want to make sure that whichever toilet product you end up choosing will fit comfortably in the space that is available for the installation.

Take note of not only the overall size of the area you will be installing the toilet into, but also the surrounding space. The toilet installation should not be so large that it makes it uncomfortable for people to navigate in the space around the toilet, such as bathroom doors, showers, and cabinets.

Look through examples of successful toilet installation projects

A great way to get a better idea of what you want to accomplish with your toilet installation project is to check out examples of successful toilet installation projects. These days, a great place to start is with websites and mobile apps.

Visually-driven websites and apps like Pinterest and Instagram have a wide range of toilet installation examples, and you can also check out blogs online as well. Start by taking note of a wide range of examples that you like, and then refine down the list to a more select set of examples by considering whether or not the examples will work based on your needs.

Get help from a toilet installation expert

When it comes to actually choosing the toilet product and performing the installation, it really helps to get in touch with a toilet installation expert like our team at Performance Plumbing.

Our fully licensed and insured plumbers can walk you through all of the pros and cons of the products on the market, as well as prices.

Toilet installations are generally a project that is more complicated than the average homeowners wants to attempt on their own, so we highly recommend working with our team.

We’re always happy to hear from you and always happy to provide a free estimate, so get in touch with our team via email or by phone and we’ll get you the help you need right away.


Tips for Getting the Best Mountain View Sink Installation

When it comes to helping our customers improve the experience and value of their home, we find that many people find the idea of a Mountain View sink installation project to be an attractive way to improve their home. Since we’re one of the best teams around for Mountain View sink installation services, our team of professional plumbing experts has compiled these tips to help customers like you get the most from their sink installations.

Start by considering how the sink will be used
Sinks vary by function. For example, outdoor utility sinks are made from very durable materials to handle wear and tear, whereas kitchen sinks are specifically designed for cooking environments. Bathroom sinks, on the other hand, are usually intended to be more elegant and comfortable to casually use, without any specific working task for perform.

By first defining how the sink will be use, you’ll know what type of basin and fixtures you’ll want to consider as you decide what sink to install.

Plan carefully around the space available
Sinks come in various sizes, and the space that sinks get installed into can also vary in size quite a lot.

When having a new sink installed, it’s important to consider not just the width and length of the sink and the space you’re installing into, but also the depth of the basin and how much space it will allow below it for piping and general storage or free space to work with.

Additionally, consider the surrounding space. For example, in a kitchen or bathroom, you may not want to choose the largest sink physically possible because it could be better to leave a lot of counter space for people to use around the sink for tasks like cooking.

Check out examples of sink installations that you like
Based on what you need the sink to be used for and how much space you have to work with, check out examples of successful sink installations to get a sense of what other people have done successfully.

To accomplish this task, it’s easy to hop online for an hour or two to browse various sink installation photos on Pinterest and Instagram, or other sources like home improvement blogs. By using these valuable online resources, you can quickly check out a huge number of sink installation examples based on your specific search terms, which can be much faster than trying to scour for photos one-by-one.

Be pragmatic and choose enduring options
When it comes to sink installations, remember that above everything else, the sink needs to be practical and useful. A sink that is not useful will pretty much end up a waste and may even need to be quickly replaced.

While choosing what type of sink to have installed at your home, be sure to think practically in terms of function, and choose a style that will endure over time. Choosing something that is too unusual or trendy may become awkward over time if styles change over time. Choosing something general can also be safer if the home needs to be sold or rented out at a later time.

Talk it over with a pro
Sink installations are typically too difficult for the average person to complete in a timely and cost effective manner. We highly recommend having a professional home improvement plumber take care of your sink installation to get the job done correctly and efficiently. If you’re ready to get going with your project, give us a call or send us an email and our friendly team will get you the help you need right away.