Pro Tips for Lafayette Shower Installation Success

A high-quality shower installation project can really improve the quality of a home for anyone using the shower on a regular basis, which is why so many of our customers come to us looking for help with their Lafayette shower installation needs. To help all of our customers better prepare for their Lafayette shower installation project, our team has compiled these simple pro tips that should help you out in your planning.

Avoid the temptation of DIY
For nearly all homeowners, a do-it-yourself project is probably not a realistic option for a complex home improvement plumbing project like a shower installation.

We highly recommend working with a professional home improvement plumbing team like our fully-insured, experienced team at Performance Plumbing.

Ironically, for the small percentage of homeowners who attempt a DIY shower installation without sufficient experience, the process can become more time consuming and costly compared to working with a skilled professional who can get the job done efficiently and on budget.

Some simple home improvement repairs or upgrades can be a DIY project, but we would suggest avoiding this route for a project as complex as a shower installation.

Consider where the shower will be installed and how it will be used
The most important starting point for planning a shower installation is to begin with where the shower will be installed and what people need to get from the shower when they use it.

Shower designs come in various shapes and sizes, and with various fixtures, but not all designs fit all spaces. It’s important to consider the space where you’re installing the shower, including what usable space you’ll need surrounding the shower for moving fixtures like doors, shelves, and for people to generally perform tasks in.

It’s also important to consider who is using the shower. For example, more elderly users may need additional stabilization grips to safely get in and out of the shower, or a seat to relax on while taking a shower. Larger folks may need a larger design, and a secondary or auxiliary shower may be fine with a more compact design that doesn’t need to include a bathtub.

Identifying the location and users of the shower will help guide your project to success as you consider designs and materials for the shower.

Educate yourself about your options
When it comes to shower installations, there are a wide range of options on the market. The good news is, you can review a lot of information very quickly online.

We recommend starting out checking Pinterest and Instagram for examples of shower installations you like, and then checking out home improvement store websites to better understand products on the market.

If you’ve got time, it’s also great to go to showrooms and interact with products physically and see them in person.

Find the right home improvement plumber to work with
A key aspect of any shower installation project is the skill and proficiency of the person performing the installation.

At Performance Plumbing, our friendly team of home improvement plumbers are all highly experienced plumbers with experience in shower installations specifically. We’re also all fully insured, licensed plumbers with a professional attitude and approach.

If you’re ready to get started with your shower installation, be sure to give us a call or send us an email and our friendly staff will help you get started as quickly as possible!


Expert Tips to Get the Castro Valley Shower Installation of Your Dreams

If you’re looking to get the shower installation of your dreams, it’s important to make sure you make the right preparations before kicking off your Castro Valley shower installation project. Since we’re one of the best choices around for Castro Valley shower installation services, our team of professional home improvement plumbers has created this set of expert tips to help you ensure your project is a success.

First, take account of the space you’re working with
When starting planning for your shower installation, a crucial step is understanding the space that you have available to work with.

In small, compact spaces, a shower design without a bathtub may be most suitable, while larger spaces may allow for a bathtub. Even these design types come in different dimensions, so it’s important to know how much space is available.

Don’t just consider the space that the shower will take up, but also consider that the people using the shower will need usable space surrounding the shower to perform general tasks. You’ll also want to take into account moving parts like swinging doors or sliding drawers.

Think about who will be using the shower
Your shower installation is ultimately only successful if it meets the needs of the people who are going to be using it.

For example, if you know that the shower user will be elderly, be sure to pick a design that is easy and safe for them to navigate. You may even want to install additional configurations like bars for stabilization while getting in and out of the shower.

For people who want some time to soak and relax in a bath, you’ll want to make sure you choose a tub size that can accommodate the size of the person comfortably. On the other hand, sometimes secondary or auxiliary showers don’t need tubs at all.

Look through examples and products on the market
As we’ve mentioned before, showers come in all shapes, sizes and materials, so it’s important to get familiarized with your options.

Take a moment to browse through examples of shower installations to find designs that you like. You can start with social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, which are full of great visual examples, and then narrow down your selection to items that you think make the most sense for your needs aesthetically and functionally.

In addition, you can check out examples of products and materials both in online stores and in person at showrooms or home improvement stores. While viewing the items in person is always better to get a true sense of what they’re like to interact with, checking online is a great starting place if you need to get started quickly.

Discuss your findings with a high-quality professional plumber
Once you’ve got a strong sense of what you’re trying to accomplish with your shower installation project, it’s important to work with high-quality professional plumber like our team at Performance Plumbing.

At Performance Plumbing, our friendly team is proud to have a strong reputation on online review websites like Yelp, and we’re also fully licensed and insured to further bolster our credentials.

If you’d like to get your shower installation project under way or if you simply want to talk things over a little more, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. Remember that we’re always happy to provide a free estimate before work begins, so there’s no obligation if you want us to explain the time and costs involved.


How to Get the Perfect Saratoga Sink Installation

Homeowners in the South Bay want quality and efficiency when it comes to sink installations, so it’s important to do a little homework before pursuing your Saratoga sink installation project. To help you ensure your Saratoga sink installation project is a success, our team at Performance Plumbing has created this simple guide that any homeowner can use to support their efforts.

Start with the purpose of the sink and who will use it
The most important aspect of a sink installation project is ultimately how useful and effective the sink will be for the people who use the sink moving forward.

The effectiveness of the sink of course starts with where the sink is installed and how it will be used in that location, to determine the models of sinks that are most suitable. For example, a kitchen sink needs to be more durable and larger than a bathroom sink, with more functionally useful fixtures for performing tasks like cleaning dishes or preparing meals. On the other hand, bathroom sinks tend to be more elegant with more ornamental fixtures, but usually also taking up less counter space to allow for usable space around the sink.

At the start of your project, identify the location and purpose of the sink first, and then move forward with additional considerations.

Consider materials and feasibility
Sinks come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Again, the location and function of the sink usually plays a large role in the materials involved.

For example, bathroom sinks are almost always made of porcelain or enamel over cast iron, but there are some other options as well. Kitchen sinks can vary, and often more frequently use durable metal.

As you start planning your project, check for examples of sink installations that you like online to get familiar with the different installation options, and browse websites that list and explain various sink products. By checking out examples and options on the market, you’ll get a better idea of what makes sense for your sink installation needs. You’ll also get a sense of costs and aesthetics.

Once you’re done reviewing the many options, you can probably narrow down your list to a set of options that is most feasible for your budget, space that you want to install the sink in, how it will be used, and other parameters specific to your needs.

Talk to a home improvement plumbing professional
We highly recommend working with an experienced home improvement plumbing professional for your sink installation project. Most people don’t have a lot of experience with plumbing in general nor sink installations specifically, so it’s better to go with a fully insured, experienced plumber like our team at Performance Plumbing.

At Performance Plumbing, we’re always happy to take the time to learn about your needs and the specifics of what you’re trying to accomplish, and we can help explain the pros and cons of various products, the cost of materials, and suitability of any examples that you’d like to review with us. Be sure to partner with a plumbing expert that has a high rating on customer review websites like Yelp, where we’re one of the strongest teams around.

Get a free quote
If you’re ready to get started with your sink installation project or just want to talk things over, give us a call or send us an email and our friendly team will gladly help you get what you need to start moving forward!


How to Maximize the Quality of Your Moraga Sink Installation Project

For most homeowners in the area, quality is top of mind when they tell us they need help with a Moraga sink installation project. As one of the leading teams in Moraga sink installation projects, our staff at Performance Plumbing thought it would be helpful to share some of our expert knowledge with this short guide to sink installations so that homeowners like you can ensure you get a quality result that you’re happy with.

For most people, DIY is probably not suitable
While we commend people who want to take on projects themselves, a sink installation project is usually beyond the skill set of the average homeowner who typically does not have a lot of experience with performing sink installations, nor the free time to do it.

Instead, we recommend partnering with an experienced home improvement plumber like our team at Performance Plumbing. We recommend staying away from inexperienced plumbers, plumbers with a negative customer review rating on websites like Yelp, or plumbers who specialize in plumbing repairs mostly. Installations require knowledge and experience.

The good news is that using an expert like our team can actually save you a lot of time, energy and expense, because you’ll get the job done right in an efficient period of time. A plumbing professional like our team also comes to the job fully insured, so you can be reassured that your property is fully protected the whole time.

Everything starts with the purpose of the sink
When starting off your sink installation, the most important starting point is identifying the purpose of the sink. Usually this comes down to the general location and intended function of the sink, such as a kitchen sink, bathroom sink, outdoor sink, and so forth.

The function of the sink of course determines the suitable models and installations available, but you should also think about the functional preferences of the people who will be using the sink. For example, if the sink is a bathroom sink, you may want to pick a sink design that fits the aesthetic preferences of the people who will be most frequently using the sink, in addition to being compatible with the overall aesthetics of the home. Likewise, people have different functional preferences for kitchen sinks, such as whether or not they include a divider, what type of faucet is provided, material types, and more.

Create a list of sink installations that you like
When you’ve got an idea of what the sink will be used for and what the needs of the people using the sink are, a good next step is gathering a set of examples of sink installations that you like.

A great place to find examples of good sink installations is online platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, home improvement blogs, and Facebook groups. On these platforms, you’ll be able to quickly browse hundreds or thousands of images fairly quickly, and pick out the examples that you like.

If you’re working with a professional, you can work together with them to whittle down your list and remove items that are less feasible, less cost effective, or otherwise less suitable for your particular situation.

Ask for a free estimate
At this point, you should have a strong foundation for your sink installation project. If you’re working with a professional plumber like our team at Performance Plumbing, be sure to ask for a free estimate before you commit to any work. At Performance Plumbing, we prefer to be up front with our customers about cost and time involved, and adjust as needed, so we think you shouldn’t expect anything less.

Give us a call or send us an email today to get started with your sink installation project!


How to Make Sure Your Lafayette Sink Installation is Outstanding

Quality matters for homeowners in Lafayette, which is all the more reason why it’s important to make sure your Lafayette sink installation project is a success. Since we want you to maximize the value of your Lafayette sink installation project, we’ve created this quick set of tips to help you get off to the right start.

First, identify what you need from the sink
Not all sinks need to perform the same function, and therefore the type of sink that you choose is strongly related to the function that it needs to perform.

For example, a kitchen sink must be sturdier and more durable than a bathroom sink, as well as more spacious. A bathroom sink on the other hand, usually should have more elegant fixtures and a simple but aesthetically pleasing design. Outdoor utility sinks should be fully rugged, with appearance as a secondary priority.

Be sure to also consider the space that the sink will be installed into, since you may be limited in terms of space. One good example of this is a trend where homeowners are choosing small wall-mounted sinks that conserve as much space as possible in a bathroom.

Based on what you need the sink to do, you can refine your list of possibilities to the most relevant fit.

Look for inspiration online
When it comes to choosing the sink that resonates with you the most, it’s important to review a wide range of sink installation examples to understand what’s possible and refine from there.

Finding examples of excellent sink installations can be as simple and fast as hopping on social media sites or apps like Pinterest and Instagram. Both of these platforms provide a quick, convenient way to check out a wide range of sink installation examples quickly and pick up on trending styles or concepts. You can also check out home improvement blogs or message boards if time permits.

If you have time, check out sink products to get familiar with what’s out there
Another useful angle to examine when considering sink options for installation is to learn about the products that are available on the market and which appeal to you.

Seeing a product in person and seeing a product online can yield two very different experiences, so you may want to actually go visit showrooms or home improvement stores in person if you want to interact with the sink products directly to get a first-hand feel for the products.

Find a reliable expert to talk things over with
If you’re ready to move forward with your product or if you simply have questions that you want to find answers for, you should get in touch with an expert team of home improvement plumbers like ours at Performance Plumbing.

At Performance Plumbing, we know that quality matters, so we’ve put a lot of time and effort into maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction that is reflected on customer review websites like Yelp, and we’re also fully licensed and insured to demonstrate our professional commitment to customers like you.

Give us a call or send us a quick email and our friendly team of plumbing experts will be happy to help you out with your sink installation project in any way we can.