5 Tips to Make Your Los Altos Sink Installation Impress

If you’re looking to make your home impress anyone who enters, making sure you include a successful Los Altos sink installation into your plans is a must. Since we’re experts in Los Altos sink installation projects, our team has drawn together these simple pro tips to help you get the most from your efforts.

Collect and review examples
When you pursue your sink installation, you’ll want to make sure that the results live up to your expectations for enhancing your property. In order to plan for the end result that you want, take some time at the start of the project to collect and review examples of sink installations that you like.

Sink installation examples are easy to find on Pinterest, Instagram, Google Image Search, home improvement blogs and other resources. Social media services like Facebook or forums can also help you see what home improvement professionals and enthusiasts are doing to solve their sink installation needs.

Browse a wide range of the possibilities and then whittle down the results into a handful of examples that you like. In the next steps you’ll further refine your choices.

Consider fit for style and space
Take a look at the examples you found and compare them to the room where you plan to install the sink.

Make sure the concept you’re looking at fits the space both in terms of size and style. The last thing you want to do is choose a sink that will be impossible to install, or will look awkwardly too large or small, or have a style that awkwardly conflicts with the surrounding room.

By considering the fit for the style and space of the room, you can further remove sink installation examples that won’t best address your needs.

Utility for users
It’s also important to consider the intended use of the sink you’re installing, because in the end your sink needs to be useful to the people using it.

Consider what the sink will be used for. Bathroom sinks can be more elegant and ornamental, whereas kitchen sinks should be more durable, deep and wide to allow for comfortable kitchen-related duties like cooking, filling large pots, washing vegetables, washing dishes and other similar tasks.

In some cases, sinks should even be highly rugged and designed to withstand weather and a lot of wear and tear, such as utility sinks in garages or outdoors.

When reviewing the examples you found, be sure to remove any examples that won’t satisfactorily serve the needs of the people who will rely on the sink for the activities they need to carry out.

Select the right professional
The person who installs your sink is usually just as important as the sink you’re installing, if not more important.

Who strongly recommend against using unlicensed or uninsured workers who are not professional home improvement plumbers. These works may be unqualified to perform the work needed, and if anything goes wrong, you may be stuck with an expensive bill to repair damages.

Instead, choose a fully licensed and insured plumber who has a strong track record for customer satisfaction on websites like Yelp. Our team at Performance Plumbing has worked hard to earn our strong reputation as quality home improvement plumbers and we’re always happy to provide information about our license and insurance, so we believe you should have the same high level of standards.

Get a free quote
If you believe it’s time to move forward with your sink installation project, or if you just have some questions you’d like to get answered, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via phone or email and we’ll be happy to help you out however we can.



Pro Tips for the Best Hayward Plumbing Repairs

Almost every local homeowner experiences the stress of needing Hayward plumbing repairs, but the situation can be smoothly resolved with the right basic steps. As experts in Hayward plumbing repairs, our team has shared these pro tips for everyone to get up to speed quickly.

Call for urgent emergencies
If you’re currently in the midst of a plumbing emergency, it’s important that you call us immediately for our 24/7 emergency plumbing repair services.

Our friendly team can dispatch a professional plumbing repair expert to your location right away, and we can help talk you through any steps you’ll need to take to mitigate the issue as much as possible.

If you’re not currently experiencing a plumbing emergency, read on for more information.

Find a reliable pro
When finding a solution for your plumbing repair needs, it’s important to choose the right plumbing professional and avoid bad choices.

What’s the best way to find a reliable professional? Consumer review websites like Yelp are a great place the start, as you can see how customers who have used the services of the plumbers in the past feel about the results they got. Look for a plumber with strong positive reviews and a high overall rating, like our team at Performance Plumbing has been able to earn over the years.

Avoid unlicensed plumbers and uninsured plumbers, who add unnecessary additional risk to your repair projects. It’s better to make sure the job gets done right with a fully licensed, fully insured professional like our team.

Limit the damage
If your plumbing repair needs are related to an ongoing problem that could be causing damage to your property, it’s important that you do whatever you can to limit the spread of the damage.

If the problem is severe, you should try to locate the main water shutoff valve to your property and disable all water to the property. You can also look for a valve closer to the source of the problem which may help disable water at the site of the problem specifically.

Keep the area affected will ventilated, and bring in fans or heaters to help evaporate moisture. If there’s a lot of water as a result of your plumbing issue, you may need to get towels or rags to soak up the water and then disperse it in a sink, bathtub or outside.

Taking a few proactive measures like these can help prevent damage from spreading as you wait for a professional repair team like ours to come by.

Prepare the area
As you’re waiting for help to arrive, try to prepare the affected area as much as possible to facilitate the repairs.

Make sure any objects that might obstruct a clear pathway are removed and relocated so that the repair professional can have easy access to the area that needs repair work.

Don’t wait too long
Whether the problem is an emergency or not, delaying can exacerbate plumbing problems and lead to property damage of various forms. Don’t wait too long – get in touch with us by phone or email and one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you.



Easy Best Practices for Hillsborough Shower Installation

For many local homeowners looking to boost the value of their property, finding the right solution for their Hillsborough shower installation goals can be both a top priority and potentially challenging. These easy best practices for Hillsborough shower installation will help you simplify and streamline your project with the best possible results.

Study examples

The best way to start off your shower installation project is by finding examples that you like so you can establish a vision for what the end result should be like.


With all of the various online media available to us these days, it’s easy to find examples on social media site like Pinterest and Instagram. Facebook and blogs can also be a good way to find communities of home improvement professionals and hobbyists who post examples of their best shower installation work.


No matter where you find your examples, having some concept of what you like from the start can help you ensure your end result meets your expectations.


Work with what you’ve got
After you find some examples of shower installations you like, next consider the environment that you’re working with in terms of where the installation will go.


Compare the style of the examples you found with the style of the room the shower is being installed in. Does the style generally match and look like a good fit? Avoid shower installation styles that look awkward compared to the look or theme of the room.


Also consider the size of the shower design. Will the dimensions of the shower installation examples you found fit the room in a comfortable way? Not only will you need enough room for the shower, you’ll also need to make sure there is enough surrounding space around the shower to open the doors and generally use the shower.


Think about who will use the shower
When planning your shower installation, it’s also extremely important to consider who will be using the shower and any specific needs they may have.


Consider the examples you found in relation to who will be using the shower. How large will they be? A small shower may be too restrictive for a larger individual. Also consider age and mobility, as showers can be designed to better facilitate the needs of elderly, disabled, and other individuals who can benefit from smart shower design.


Pick something that perseveres
When it comes to the style and design of your shower installation, make sure that you also pick a shower installation that will stand up over time and can appeal to as wide a group of users as possible after your satisfy the needs of the direct users. If you ever end up selling the property or renting it, or are unsure who the users of the shower will be over time, picking a mostly universal design will ensure that the value of your shower endures over time.


If you’re ready to get started with your shower installation project, give us a call or send us an email today for a free quote and our friendly staff will be glad to help you out right away.



How to Make Your Fremont Toilet Installation a Perfect Fit

Few home improvements can change the daily experience of a home in the local area more than an effective Fremont toilet installation. However, getting the perfect fit from your Fremont toilet installation requires some simple, smart planning ahead of time.

Our team of plumbing experts has compiled these simple tips to help you make sure you get headed in the right direction.

Consider the space you have
When it comes to toilet installations, one of the most important first considerations for any project is analyzing the space that the toilet will be installed into.

Not only do you need to consider how large the toilet is and whether or not it will fit in the space, you should also consider the space and amenities around the toilet. For example, will there be enough space for unrestricted movement of people? Will cabinet doors or room doors be able to freely open and close? Will it be convenient to open any shower or bathtub doors?

Make sure the size of the toilet you end up selecting fits the size, and also fits the size comfortably.

Think about who will use the toilet and their needs
Not everyone is built the same way. Larger people may be attracted to larger toilets, finding them more comfortable, while smaller people may find large toilets impossible to sit on.

Usually it’s best to aim for something average, unless you know that there are a set of similarly sized people who will frequently use one toilet, such as a master bathroom designed for one or two people who use it primarily.

Another benefit of aiming for a universal fit is that if you sell or rent your property, it will be suitable for the largest set of buyers or renters possible.

Pick a style that matches and endures
Some people get attracted to really unique or cutting edge designs – there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it’s also important to make sure you choose a style that will work with the surroundings and that will hold up over time, unless you’re prepared to change your toilet more frequently than the average person.

Toilets hold up well over time and rarely need to be replaced. If you choose a very universal style that won’t look strange in several years when trends shift, you won’t need to replace you

Don’t risk it, go with a professional
The best way to truly ensure that your toilet installation goes as best as possible is to partner with an experienced professional who knows exactly how to get the job done right the first time.

At Performance Plumbing, we strongly recommend that you look for several key dimensions.

First, we strongly recommend only choosing licensed and insured plumbers to protect your property as much as possible, which is why we’re proud to always provide our license information.

Second, look for a strong positive reputation online, such as our ratings on websites like Yelp. These are a mark of a strong team who cares about customers.

Third, make sure the plumber is well experienced in home improvement plumbing projects like toilet installations. Find a team like ours who has done the job countless times in all kinds of homes.

If you’re ready to get your project underway, simply give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to get you going with your toilet installation project.



How to Ensure Orinda Sink Installation Success

The sink in your home can say more about you as a homeowner than you realize, which is why it’s important to ensure success with your Orinda sink installation project. Having your Orinda sink installation project go perfectly can be the difference between long-term agony and daily enjoyment.

To help make sure you get pointed in the right direction for your important home improvement project, our team of home improvement plumbing professionals has created this quick guide with simple tips you can follow.

Start with function
When starting off with planning your new sink installation, start with function. Many folks begin with design or aesthetics, but it’s important to first define what the sink needs to accomplish.

For example, a kitchen sink typically needs to be deep and utilitarian, while a bathroom sink should be a smaller profile and possibly allow for multiple sinks for high-traffic bathrooms. Outdoor sinks are different altogether, needing to be rugged and weather resistant for outdoor operation whether they’re for barbecues or yard work.

Plan for the appropriate space and location
When planning your sink installation, it’s also important to consider the space that the sink will be installed into, because not all sink designs fit all shapes and sizes.

Don’t just consider the space that the sink will need to occupy, but also consider the surrounding space that the user will need to operate in. We’ve seen far too many poorly planned sink installations leave people feeling cramped when washing dishes or trying to use bathroom counter space, so it’s important to make sure people will have the appropriate amount of room to work with.

Round up samples for inspiration
Now that you’ve got some idea of what the sink will be used for and how much space is appropriate to occupy, check out examples of sink installations that you like and which fit your parameters.

Check out social media destinations like Pinterest and Instagram to see powerful visual examples posted by other people who have had home improvement work done. Look for trending designs, but also consider traditional or more conservative designs if you might plan to sell the home in the future or rent it out to others.

Find a qualified expert to work with
When the time comes for the actual sink installation, make sure you choose a quality home improvement plumbing expert to work with like our team at Performance Plumbing.

At Performance Plumbing, we didn’t just earn our stellar reputation on customer review websites like Yelp by accident, we always make customer satisfaction a priority and work tirelessly to deliver on our promises.

We also believe that holding a professional license and insurance is important for the peace of mind of our customers who want quality without risk, so we think you shouldn’t work with anyone that has lower standards in these areas.

Ask for a quote up front
When you’re ready to get moving forward, be sure to ask for a free quote up front. At Performance Plumbing, we always give our customers a free estimate of costs before any work agreements are made, so stay away from any plumbers who refuse to provide an estimate.

If you’re ready to get started, call us or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you get going right away.